Sessions for healing any physiological or psychological issues.
For example: Letting go of habits like overeating and smoking. Healing body symptoms like headaches, sleeping problems,
 concentration difficulties.

Improving a relationship, gaining self love, self confidence, inner peace and relaxation.

Methods: Hypnotherapy, NLP, EMDR (method for harmonizing both parts of the brain.)

90 minutes, 150 Euro


Individual session, 90 minutes, 100 Euro

Dreams are messages of your unconscious mind. The pictures and words of a dream tell you what deep at the inside you are hoping for, desiring and what you are afraid of. Sometimes a dream gives you an advice of greatest wisdom. By dreaming your dream again in a trance, by identifying with its different images and by talking with them you will understand what your unconscious mind is telling you.

The Kahunas of Hawaii are famous for their healing capabilities. From them we learnt how to continue dreaming a dream in a way that the healing images of your soul can speak to you

Individual session : 90 minutes, 150 Euro